So you've been looking for a photographer?

Let me give you some reasons to not hire me as your wedding photographer.

1. You don't want to have any fun making your photos.

I want the whole process to be fun and relaxed.

2. You want to have boring photos.

I will take the safe shots but then I want to give you some final images that will be out of the box and something you can brag about.

3. You want the photo in black and white with the flowers or the rings in colour.

I can't do that for you. Please don't ask. You couldn't pay me enough to do that! In years to come you'll thank me.

4. You want a photographer that doesn't care about flattering light.

Did you know light is the single most important feature of photography.

5. You want your photos taken with cheap equipment.

I've invested thousands of dollars in cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and training to get the best image in any given situation.

6. You don't want your photos to be professionally edited.

I perform post production on every photo I deliver. This might be as simple as getting the colours correct for print or a major photoshop fix for skin or removing distractions.

7. You don't need your photos delivered within 14 days of the event.

Most times I'll deliver a sneak peek the day of the session and usually deliver within a week.

8. Your nephew got a fancy camera for his birthday.

I was the relative with the new DSLR once. Unfortunately that didn't make me a photographer.

9. You already know the best way to pose to look your best in front of the lens.

There's some simple little tricks to make you look confident in photos, especially the men and boys.

10. I can't think of another reason. You might as well give me a call or an email to book an obligation free consultation.

Jokes aside, I do take the responsibility of photographing you or your event very seriously. I care about light. I care about distractions. I care about you looking natural and unposed when I pose you.

I'm also an active member in some learning groups and my work is scrutinised by those asking me advice. So I don't dare take a bad photo!

Peter Foote