How learning helped my photography by Peter Foote

The 10,000th photograph. It really was a mile stone for me. Everything suddenly came together.

Now picking up the camera became as comfortable as walking in my favourite slippers. Things still go wrong but I can draw from those times before and it won’t be a sweaty foul language filled disaster, I’ll just adjust and keep on shooting.

So remember, whether you are still the person with the brand new camera or a seasoned pro, if you ever get every shot every time; you’ll probably be the first and only photographer in history to do so. 

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Why book a full time professional photographer for your wedding? by Peter Foote

Because I need you to know that after your day is finished, the day you spent months or years planning. The day your family and friends might have had to travel long distances to get to, come together to wish you happiness. The day that you invested thousands of dollars on your amazing wedding gown, those shoes and accessories, the bridesmaids dresses, suits, table decor, food, cars, flowers, hair and makeup, invitations, DJ, and let’s not forget the all-important rings. What do you have after that? You have your memories. How are memories recorded? That's right, in photographs!

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