Why book a full time professional photographer for your wedding? / by Peter Foote

I'm the fussiest photographer you're likely to meet this year. I don’t take pictures of people, I make photographs of people. There's actually a big difference between these two things. One of them involves pointing a camera at someone and pushing a button. The other requires thought and a certain level of creativity, skill, and an understanding of light and how to control it. I have learned the rules of photography and so I know when it's ok to break them.

My job is to make photographs that tell a story about my client's personality and charisma. These raw photos then go into Adobe's creative suite and are edited to bring out the dynamic vision I saw through the viewfinder while making them. My days are filled with photography, whether it's making photos, editing, mastering a new skill or doing the dreaded office duties that come with owning a small business.

But I bet you're wondering why I'm bleating on with all this?

Because I need you to know that after your wedding day is finished, the day you spent months or years planning. The day your family and friends might have had to travel long distances to get to. The day they come together to wish you happiness. The day that you invested thousands of dollars on your amazing wedding gown, those shoes and accessories, the bridesmaids dresses, suits, table decor, food, cars, flowers, hair and makeup, invitations, DJ, and let’s not forget the all-important rings. What do you have after that? You have your memories. How are memories recorded? That's right, in photographs!

So is it worth saving a few hundred dollars on photography? I will never be the cheapest photographer advertised, I couldn't afford to provide the service I do if I was. I will however promise that I'll do my best to meet your budget. I am in no way disrespecting other photographers. We all start somewhere and I am not as good as I plan to be tomorrow.

Gathering and recording your memories in photos is not something I take lightly. I arrive home from a wedding physically, mentally and emotionally spent. I am on high alert for the whole day, monitoring the emotions, anticipating the next opportunity to freeze a memory. If you don’t book me for whatever reason please do me the favour of using someone who takes this job to heart as much as I do.

Peter Foote