So you might want to know a few things about how this all works?

So let's answer a few easy ones first:

Does Peter dress appropriately for a wedding?

I will be in a suit and black shirt so I blend in with your guests.

Does Peter Drink?

Of course I enjoy a sparkling malt beverage on a hot day, but at your event? No, I need to stay steady and keep my steel eye on the proceedings, that's why I call myself an Archaeologist of emotions. It's my job to grab those split second expressions on peoples faces. I even do my best to be dehydrated during the day so I don't even need to go to the gents!

Does Peter smoke?

Thankfully gave them up a few years ago. Except for a Cuban on my birthday. So no need to sneak out for a quick ciggie.

How do payments work?

I'll need a 50% booking fee to secure your date. After that it's up to you how much you pay between then and 30 days before the event when final payment is due. 

How do I book your services?

Simple. Just call me on my cell phone! Or send me an email and I'll call you within 24 Hours to discuss a consult and booking appointment.

Can I get prints and albums?

Of course you can, I work together with a specialty professional print lab to deliver the highest quality prints. This is due to my monitor being calibrated to their printer to ensure the most accurate rendition of colours and brightness possible.